Root Chakra Pendant

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From earth-bound dark beginnings, this pendant begins with four black stones. Joined together with three other deeply rich distinct root-chakra-related stones to clear, balance and strengthen the expression of the base chakra.

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Root Chakra Pendant —Details

The root chakra is the lowest chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It is the seat of our fundamental impulse of life as an organism and deals with safety, security, and stability. Blocked or unbalanced, it can lead to deep fear and anxiety. Bottom to top: Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Obsidian, Jet, Garnet, Red Tiger’s Eye and Bloodstone. Capstone Plate and Capstones are sold separately.

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Root Chakra Stones:

Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Obsidian, Jet, Garnet, Red Tiger's Eye, Bloodstone

Total Length:

4.25 Inches

 —Important Note:

Capstones and Pendants need a Capstone Plate! Unless you have your own plan for: 1) balancing a capstone on your copper pyramid; and/or 2) finding a way to hang your pendant inside your pyramid, then you need to purchase a Capstone Plate along with your Capstone or Pendant. The Capstone Plate was designed to both support Capstones and allow for the hanging of pendants inside the upper part of your pyramid.

Root Chakra Pendant