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Pyramids Work to Heal 2.3

Dimensional Change. Regarding meditation, I initially found it absurd (in this fast pace day and age) to sit still. What, after all, can be the value of sitting still? What… Read more »

Pyramids Work to Heal 1.4

The Gift of Energy (Spirit) It’s Sunday and there’s no school, nor are there any other plans for the day. The day is wide open. A child tracks down his… Read more »

Pyramids Work to Heal 3.3

Ways of Denial. There are three types of denial. Both the nature of the denying individual and the nature of the denied can be ascertained by this method. When something… Read more »

Pyramids Work to Heal 1.5

The Gift of Matter (Body) When we speak of things in the natural world, we are really speaking about energy expressing itself in various forms– energy flowing in combined patterns… Read more »

Pyramids Work to Heal 3.1

Relating is Healing. Mother Nature is the mother of love itself– the mother of all that matters, ever tending the relationship between energy and its shape. Shape is what fulfills… Read more »