0 thoughts on “Gizas

  1. Jonathan Ramos

    Product took a little longer than expected for delivery. However, Benjamin stood in contact with me throughout the whole process. Customer service was amazing and all the items are great.

  2. Laura Shelton

    I used it over my futon and meditated. It was easy to set up. Just moved and will set it up again. Love the ease of setting it up. Wonderful pyramid. Thank you

  3. patricia u.

    I love this pyramid! it was very easy to set up, and has a sleek but sturdy design (original wood inner supports). The energy draws me into it for anything and everything I do. If I could I would have one in every room of my house.

  4. Eukarys C.

    Excellent service. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

    Always perfect craftsmanship! Always ships when stated. Absolutely satisfied!

  6. Sarah Glenner

    Amazing !

  7. Sarah G.

    Highly Energetic Fields going thru constantly and making my experience in its walls of copper so much more meaningful.

  8. Linda F.

    This is my second pyramid. I have a larger one that I give massages in. This one is for my own personal use. The energy container that these create with your own energy and intention is palpable. They are easy to use and take down as well. Highly recommend this company. I like that they are handmade.

  9. Anonymous

    I have enjoyed sitting and laying under my pyramid for meditation and using my singing bowls.

  10. Aleysa S.

    Love it!!! Beautiful, very easy to set up, move, and store. Highly recommend.

  11. Anonymous

    A very good idea!

  12. Anonymous

    It has been made very well in the smallest details and also very functional as it is portable and you can put it away.

  13. Oscar B.

    What can I say? I love these pyramids! The first one was the Giza 46 which gave me deep and balanced energy throughout my meditations. Last month I purchases this Nubian 64. To my surprise I fell in love with it because of how little space it requires and the height for easy access to enter. Both are excellent for vibration experiences. Thanks!

  14. Anonymous

    It’s amazing. I love the sacred space this creates in my home.

  15. Basia

    I love my pyramid and sleep in it every night. Great quality. Thank you!

  16. janis a.

    No problem putting it together. Well thought out, well packaged and shipped. As of now I have it over my king size bed.

  17. Lisa M.

    I purchased my Giza pyramid and after all the years of wanting one I fell in love with it as soon as it arrived. I am so happy with the quality and the service provided. I love that it’s portable too.

  18. Michelle G.

    We have bought two of these now.  One is indoors and one is in the backyard.  Whenever we (or our guests) are feeling low or under the weather, we go rest in the pyramid and feel renewed.  It’s great for fatigue, headaches, stomach aches, or anything that makes you feel “off”.  Really powerful and effective.  We have also noticed that time shifts when you are inside the pyramid and it seems to go more slowly! Also worth mentioning that the pyramid is beautiful to look at!


    I have been wanting a pyramid for years. After purchasing a home that was big enough to really make a healing room, I found this online. I have it in my living room, and use it for clients (Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Intuitive Healing). I will be purchasing another smaller one that I can take outside. This one is massive so it needs a huge room. Quality product. I highly recommend!

  20. Anonymous

    The energy was great, I expected much, but it was better than expected. Chakras aligned and balanced perfectly in a matter of minutes! Great

  21. Joyce Kirby

    Love these pyramids!! Quality is great and comes packaged well.

  22. Anonymous

    The pyramid arrived Singapore in perfect condition and was easy to install. Thank you!

  23. Kathleen Potts

    I love the conversion kit. I now have room to meditate in my bedroom. Thank you so much for such a good product.

  24. Lydia O.

    Excellent service great workmanship.

  25. Anonymous

    The pyramid has become my sanctuary to fully recharge every single day. I have been able to reach other dimensions and great moments of stillness that have taken me to greater and deeper levels of absolute divine awareness. The levels of calmness and clarity achieved after only thirty minutes are amazing. Very happy with the investment. Thank you! Recommending it 100%.

  26. Anonymous

    This is my second pyramid from Inner Fire and is larger than the one before. So easy to assemble. Awesome meditations.

  27. Matt S.

    I’ve been detoxing through fasting and coffee enemas, and this capstone adds a certain warmth and intelligence to the intensity of the pyramid. The wood platform allows the energy to flow up and out, just as described. Thank you!

  28. Anonymous

    This is my favorite pyramid of all. I can fit my larger crystal singing bowls in it to meditate with, and I love it!! I can lay down and relax and re-charge myself. I love to meditate and manifest at the same time, so I always put a capstone on the top that matches my manifestation goals. This pyramid is large enough to have many. many crystals in the meditation space to also help with manifestation!

  29. Anonymous

    I love these end caps!!! they are the best for outside!

  30. Anonymous

    Always great to have some extra end caps

  31. Anonymous

    Inner Fire Pyramids is the only place I will go to for copper pyramids! Benjamin has been great in answering all my questions and concerns. The quality of the pyramids are amazing— perfect for my yoga, meditation and reiki practice. I love the additional add-on capstones. I almost have them all! My favorite use for the pyramid is charging my larger crystals (like amethyst cathedrals), and charging many of my smaller crystals at the same time! It is a must-have for those in tune with energy!

  32. CYNTHIA M.

    Love my product and I think I will be ordering another one soon for my store

  33. Jason H.

    Fits perfectly over my queen bed without taking up too much floorspace. I love it!

  34. Anonymous

    Very good so far. I am looking forward to upcoming meditations.

  35. Carl S.

    Very well made. Went together simply and quickly. A very smooth process. Would recommend Inner Fire pyramids.

  36. Anonymous

    I feel more able to focus meditating in the pyramid. Owner is so helpful, I accidentally snipped the copper wires and he sent me a free replacement.

  37. Jennifer K.

    I enjoy working under this pyramid. Clients love it and I have no back pain after massaging.

  38. Anonymous

    very pleased with this pyramid and would highly recommend Inner Fire to anyone in search of a copper pyramid.

  39. Anonymous

    It took a long time to arrive (here in Canada), but it’s made with care and quality… I REALLY feel the energy in my apartment when it is set up. The entire room feels like it’s buzzing! (Not only inside of it!) I have been charging water underneath it in a huge glass mason jar; also have been meditating/lying within it periodically. SO EXCELLENT. I have wanted one for over 2 years!

  40. Anonymous

    Guys, Thank you very much for made this wonderful piece that was the center of our wedding. When we started our process for our wedding, we thought about having it inside a pyramid. Honestly, I did not know that could happen. After contacting you guys, and Benjamin having a great communication with me, I said: this is it!.. It’s going to happen!! Our special moment was unique in many ways, and the copper pyramid customized for us was the cherry on top. Thank you again for the extra mile in adapting one of your options to work for two people inside. With our special size request, I hope you can continue growing the business and make happy people from the beginning to the end. Thank you Inner Pyramid!

  41. Jonathan E.

    Quick shipping, perfect fit. Was worried about it being off balance but it fits perfect and parallel to the floor!

  42. Cheryl L.

    It works well, holding the crystal in place on top of my copper pyramid.

  43. Olivier D.

    The Inner Fire Pyramid is amazing. I learned about them through a friend and I couldn’t be happier about my purchase. It’s an amazing tool and has helped my meditation be more profound. The set up is very simple and easy to put away after use. I was afraid about how it would fit, but it’s collapsable and can stand in any size closet. Thank you Inner Fire!

  44. Kelsey T.

    Just what I needed

  45. Joyce K.

    Perfect pyramid for sitting under or lying down on massage table.

  46. Anonymous

    So handy to fold up and put in a corner when not in use. I look forward to doing more with it, but have put crystals in with me. Also was nice as there were two of us plus two dogs. Calming for all of us. Did find I needed about twenty minutes to feel the pressure being lifted off my shoulders. Just love it!

  47. Karen M.

    When I am tired at the end of the day just 15 minutes under the pyramid restores me. My clients say they feel their cells buzzing with life.

  48. Leroy M.

    I use my pyramid to do meditation, biofeedback tuning with Solfeggio Tuning Forks, and I also sleep under it. Best sleep in a long time.

  49. Anonymous

    The pyramid helps me sleep. I have suffered from insomnia since I was young. I wish I had known about this sooner. The pyramid takes me to another world, a better world. It has enriched my life. It has given me a deeper insight and wisdom on a higher plane of existence.

  50. Anonymous

    The best service, best quality, fast shipping, and great communication. Really can’t give a raving review enough. And pyramids are powerful!

  51. Asheika B.

    My family and I really enjoy our meditation pyramid. It is so simple to set up. Our doggie even sits under it at times. Glad to have found Inner Fire Pyramids.

  52. Anonymous

    I experienced profound joy and inner peace while meditating in the Giza Pyramid, it was a true awakening.

  53. Amy P.

    I bought this as a graduation present for my daughter, who will be getting her yoga certification next year. She loves it! It is big enough for her to do yoga inside the pyramid and I think her new bed will fit inside it as well! She is thrilled! Thank you so much for this custom made pyramid for her!

  54. Gillian E.

    The energy inside the pyramid is powerful. I meditate in it every morning, which sets me up for the day. I would recommend these pyramids to everyone. Benjamin has been very helpful. Well worth the money. Blessings.

  55. Deborah s.

    Easily put together. Love the copper and ingenuity. Larger than I was thinking, so I can only use it outdoors when the weather quits raining. Should be sunny later this week and I can focus on using it. It has a great feel to it.

  56. Antonio A.

    Everything happens quietly, in silence and in listening to the silent “voice” inside me while inside the pyramid.

  57. Hope T.

    I have enjoyed using my pyramid for meditation, yoga and relaxation.

  58. Maria G.

    I love this pyramid! It’s beautiful, and takes only a minute to set up. It’s perfect. I meditate more often and for longer periods of time within this special structure. And it takes so little space, but has the perfect amount of sitting room. So happy to have found this. Received it well packaged and in a timely manner. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s wonderful!

  59. Yvette B.

    This Pyramid fits very well in my small space. Very well made and easy to set up and take down. I do feel a difference sitting under it. I highly recommend this pyramid!

  60. Anonymous

    I love this pyramid. It’s small footprint fits nicely on the floor in my bedroom. I also like the fact that the pyramid folds nicely and fits back into the shipping tube. It is easy to put up and take down so that the floor space is available when I’m not using the pyramid, and is easy to store. I meditate in it every morning. The cost was also affordable and I like that it is made in America by hand. I would definitely buy another pyramid from this company.

  61. yolanda b.

    It did make a shift in the meditation. I like the fact that I can add another stone on top as well.

  62. Anonymous

    I love it. Easy to store and to assemble in seconds. Large enough for supine and upright meditation. I believe it has intensified my meditation as well as help keep my crystals charged.

  63. Anonymous

    The pyramid came in perfect condition and went up far easier than I ever imagined. It’s such a beautiful addition to my space, and I can easily fold it up when needed. Thank you for making such a compact, functional pyramid! I didn’t think I could fit one in my space until I found your website. You would think I had it custom designed to fit! It’s truly the perfect size, and the Nubian style makes it completely functional with little to no unusable space.

  64. Suzanne S.

    I’ve tried different items at different areas like candles and crystals, different capstones too. What works the best for me, is having an orgonite pyramid in the center under the peak and meditating there with it between my crossed legs. I can sense the buzz, really enjoy the frequency. I finally was able to receive via claireaudience for the first time. Super easy to set up, take down, and transport. A+ for me. The other day when I used it, I opened my eyes to find one of my dogs at each of 2 corners. The cats always come around when I’m meditating. It’s harmony for sure. I love it.

  65. yolanda b.

    It’s great every time I get in the pyramid. Would recommend for everyone to get one. I am considering, down the line, to get the 86 as well. The ease of the 64 is priceless for daily use.

  66. Mrs L.

    I absolutely love my pyramid. The energy is whatever you need it to be. It has certainly changed my meditations. The energy flows and pools around me. Thank you very much.

  67. Claire K.

    Our second purchase from this seller. LOVE this pyramid. Soundly constructed yet light enough to be portable. Great seller communication (and vibe) … can’t say enough good things about this pyramid.

  68. Ashley S.

    What an amazing instrument. I am blown away by my interactions with the pyramid! Having researched pyramids for the past year I had no idea something on this “small scale” would harness gravitational/electromagnetic energy so well. The energy was instant upon setting it up. The best part is it resonates so well you don’t have to sit underneath it to feel the affects. I couldn’t be more happy with the pyramid and it’s so easy to assemble. I can’t wait to see the long term affects it has on my family and I. I am going to purchase one for the floatation therapy centre I run so customers can have the opportunity to be centred before their floats. Thanks so much to Inner Fire Pyramids! Be part of the revolution!!

  69. Melodie G.

    My husband bought this pyramid for me for my birthday. It arrived yesterday and I’m thrilled. It inspires me to meditate more often. The only advice I would give is that it’s a good idea to read the assembly instructions. In my excitement I dove in, connected the pieces without thinking, and concluded that the pyramid was defective. Nope. It goes together just fine if you take your time and follow the directions. Truly the perfect gift.

  70. Anonymous

    This is amazing! I am a shaman and couldn’t believe how it opened up more access energetically during meditation and ritual. I just purchased another larger pyramid for my sanctuary to share with others. It’s wonderful and will enhance anything you do in the order of the light!

  71. Regina R.

    I absolutely love my pyramid! Such awesome work for a reasonable price. Easy to set up and take down as well. Definitely an A+ purchase. If you’re considering buying, stop thinking about it and just do it. You’ll be glad you did!

  72. Frank B.

    This Nubian pyramid was one of two that I purchased (the other one a Giza). These units are custom made and of excellent quality. The customer service is top notch as well. I highly recommend this company if you’re interested in a meditation pyramid.

  73. Michael G.

    As a scientist with a PhD, I have been extremely interested in the literature discussing the ancient use of pyramids for energy production, and on a smaller scale, their potential for providing healing energy for personal use. I have experimented with numerous individuals and assessed their subjective perception while in the pyramid of the sensation of energy. Everyone has reported the perception of energy, notably from their neck up through their heads, and as it being a pleasant feeling. I personally feel the same sensation of energy have been using the pyramids (both Giza and Nubian frames) extensively and feel it is having a positive effect on my health. I am a excited about my purchase and the therapeutic potential of pyramids.

  74. Anonymous

    Pyramid arrived a few days early. Love it. Easy to set up. I loved that it was affordable compared to others out there.

  75. Gabriel M.

    This pyramid is an excellent tool. I purchased it to use with clients, so the portability is perfect for travel sessions. I have had a number of professional peers (energy workers), and other friends who are pretty new to subtle energy, try it out and all are surprised at what they experience. The energy inside is very palpable to us. Without exception they have described it as feeling like a portal. Being able to swap in various capstones of different types is really wonderful. I feel like I have a brand new way to explore crystal energies like never before.

  76. Evan J.

    I love using my pyramid. My meditation has changed completely, and has become much deeper.

  77. Glenis T.

    Sat in my pyramid this morning. What an experience. My whole body was tingling and started to gently pulsate like a vortex. I had crystals placed in it as well. The energy absolutely amazing! My Birman cats sit in it too.

  78. Anonymous

    Easy to set up in seconds. I charge my stones in it as well as meditating in it. I definitely feel the recharge!!

  79. serap e.

    I am totally amazed at how much the pyramid has enhanced my meditation and healing. So far I have used it to alleviate and prevent migraines as well as every day for general well being and relaxation! I find it a different experience each time I meditate and I can’t imagine a day when I don’t lie under it and enjoy its power and healing!

  80. Glenis T.

    Amazing energy, sitting in the pyramid. l am so happy I bought one.

  81. Lois D.

    I use my pyramid for meditation, yoga, reading/studying, just hanging out – it’s large enough to accommodate a myriad of activities comfortably. Also, my cats LOVE to stretch out in the pyramid – they feel totally relaxed! Many thanks. Beautifully crafted, easily assembled, and wonderful customer service!! All the best.

  82. Anonymous

    Easy to assemble, works well. Concentrates the energy effectively. Can strongly recommend.

  83. Darlea A.

    Love it. Very calming and helps expand my meditation. Going to try putting water in it for a healthy boost.

  84. Lynda L.

    It was easy to set up, great design system and looks beautiful. A wind chime sent from a friend the day after I set up the pyramid seemed the perfect ‘capstone’. Now just need to spend more time in it. ~ljl~

  85. Beth T.

    I’m happy with my pyramid. Will need to use for months before I can formulate a thorough opinion. I can feel the energy in it and that amazes me. Even my hubby, who does not meditate, could feel the energy as soon as he stepped into the center. It’s pretty cool.

  86. Anonymous

    Just great. Arrived in the estimated time. Simple to put together, no dramas. Simply the all round best deal – after two failed attempts elsewhere to get the ‘right one’ for me, could not be happier. The energy of this one is so powerful – just sit and relaxation happens with no effort. Stress and illness go together – I am recommending these to everyone I come across who needs some down time to chill out and survive these challenging times on the planet. Keep up the good work.

  87. Anonymous

    Benjamin is very responsive and listens to the needs of his clients.

  88. Barbara S.

    I’m really impressed with the large Nubian pyramid. In truth, I haven’t yet set up the large Giza. But during the assembly, I had a download of some kind of energy when I first stood under the apex. I actually needed to step out in order to stabilize myself. I am wearing two hefty copper torcs on my arms to relieve pain, which might have contributed to the energies during setup. Since then, I usually meditate with my head 2/3 up the structure on a tall chair. For years when I meditate, I usually lose consciousness. Now, under the Nubian, I don’t lose consciousness, but my mind chatter seems distant much more than ever before. It’s almost like my mind is quiet or unimportant. It is very pleasant and not boring or distracting. I really like this new acquisition. It is well made, easy to assemble, holds its shape, and is easily movable. Benjamin was so accommodating and very prompt in answering my emails! A good craftsman as well as a good business man. Thank you, Benjamin!

  89. Anonymous

    I really like the pyramid. It is quite large and takes up my living room which is okay. I try meditating and I keep falling asleep. I like it. The product was well packaged for shipping.

  90. Tracy A.

    I loved the great customer service that was provide and love my pyramid.

  91. Andrew B.

    Supercharge your meditation with a pyramid and supercharge your pyramid with a capstone! Excellent product. Best customer service I have ever encountered. A fantastic product which has enriched my life immensely.

  92. Lynn

    Powerful. Will give more details when I’ve worked with it a while…

  93. Hello1974

    Thank you very much for the excellent communication and super-fast shipping! I really appreciate it.

  94. Cynthia

    Just as described and what I wanted!

  95. Cynthia

    Perfect addition to my pyramid! Well packaged.

  96. Cynthia

    Fantastic – easy to set up and break down – using it daily.

  97. Henrietta

    I got my pyramid for my birthday, Benjamin was very nice about answering questions for me when I contacted him, thank you Benjamin! The 64 I ordered needs no assembly, and I noticed it helps me to focus. Also, I got a discount, which helped out a lot, once again I would like to thank Benjamin!

  98. Emilie

    This pyramid is a game changer. We love it. Great quality, great customer service. Kindly shipped at light speed to make my husband’s birthday. Our meditations aren’t the same. Thank you!

  99. Diane

    Fantastic and favorite Christmas gift. We definitely over did it and felt headaches. But simple adjustments and we are back up and using the pyramid! Easy to spread out, even while solo, in about 3 minutes total. Be gentle and it will last a really long time!

  100. Jorge

    I love the pyramid! The seller replied quickly to all my messages. The pyramid was in perfect condition and very easy to assemble. Thank you

  101. Jorge

    This is exactly what you need if you want to charge your necklace or put a quartz on top to maximize the power.

  102. Atlaluz

    i received my pyramid on time and it is truly beautiful, a great company to deal with, thank you!! Carol brodie

  103. Robert

    Last night I meditated and slept in the pyramid for the first time. It was truly an amazing experience, especially the meditation! I also used it to charge my crystals and it worked excellent. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing this gift with the world.

  104. Michaelkollwitz

    Very pleased with this pyramid. Well-made, easy to assemble and excellent communication with seller. You can’t go wrong!

  105. Lis

    we loved your pyramid, so nicely made and care. thank you so much for bringing light to life.

  106. Librazebra1

    I love it and use it often!!! Helps me stay centered in these chaotic times.thank you for terrific product.

  107. Elena

    The pyramid is fabulous and Benjamin was extra generous with shipping. So grateful.

  108. Ajla

    I take into the woods where there’s a little creek and meditate. It’s so easy to set up by myself. I love it.

  109. Soullight9

    I am very pleased with the pyramid. My meditations, dreams, and chanting have all increased to a higher level while underneath it. Easy to assemble. This is worth the purchase

  110. Ultramari0

    I love the pyramid! I really do feel energy when I meditate or even just sit under it.

  111. Steadfast1959

    Love love love my pyramid. The energy is amazing and intense in here. So wonderfully crafted and easy to put together. So thankful you are making these! Have already told my friends to get theirs from you!

  112. Denisesiano

    Once shipped my pyramid arrived quickly. I feel a tingling during my meditations and my mind is becoming less preoccupied with negative thoughts. I enjoy the energy I feel and look forward to my meditations. Also, I am finding that I have more energy for my work.

  113. Anderson

    What a wonderful company! Beautiful product and he took the time to research some questions I had and sent me items for it! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a true healing pyramid.

  114. Penelopetralala

    Incredible amazing! Could see myself improves of vision and energy! And many of benefits of variety meditate.

  115. Maryjo

    I really enjoyed how easy it sets up. Worth the wait. Wish you blessings.

  116. Solo

    I love this pyramid. Started noticing benefits right away. Fast shipping and fits perfectly in my space. My questions to the maker of the pyramid were all answered in a very friendly and timely manner. I felt a strong connection. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  117. Durgambadakot

    Love my pyramid! Perfect size, well-made and excellent quality. Packaged in a great container where it can be stored whenever needed.

  118. Irene

    This product is great. Was shipped on time and very easy to assemble!

  119. Venisoncisneros

    This is wonderful!! There was a SLIGHT delay in receiving it but the owner contacted me and let me know, and it showed up very quickly thereafter. I have never managed to meditate for a whole 30 minutes at a time, but under this pyramid it is so easy and refreshing! I can really feel the energy there. I left it up this morning and now my dog is lying under it now. Thank you so much for making these so affordable and easy to store!

  120. Mitchel

    Prompt delivery, well-made, the shipping tube can be used to store the pyramid too. Easy to set up and store. thanks!

  121. Gwilsonsd

    Very nice product. Thick single piece poles and pre-assembly make for simple set-up although it is long and fairly hefty in weight during storage. No assembly joints to break. Size and use of flexible low-profile wires on the bottom make for easy enter/exit without bumping the structure.

  122. Mitchel

    Nice and simple.

  123. Valantia

    Shipped on time. Very good, thorough instructions on how to open the package and how to set up the pyramid. One thing I love about the pyramid is you can set it up at different angles (like if you wanted to make a steeper pyramid, to use it in a space that doesn’t have as much floor space). I don’t know if it’s designed to be used that way, but I can feel an increase in the energy just the same. I feel so glad that I purchased it. It makes a huge difference in the energy moving through me. Even if I don’t feel like meditating, if I just sit in it for a few minutes, it really calms me down and puts me into a meditative space. I highly recommend getting one. Just like he says, you can set it up and take it down in seconds. It easily stores under a bed or in a closet.

  124. Katrina

    Excellent workmanship and talent. The artist delivered a beautiful spiritual tool on time as promised. We are very pleased with our purchase.

  125. Valantia

    Powerful and dynamic tool to use for spiritual growth and development. Benjamin was a pleasure to work with. Product was delivered safely and on time. We are very pleased with the purchase. We are using it with our students here at Satsang. It has been the talk of the session!

  126. Donette

    Thank you so much for shipping my pyramid in time to give it to my mom for her birthday. And for responding to my concerns after the post office had miss placed it, for the great service, and quality. Esperanza

  127. Dave7680

    Great product I like it’s hand-made I read good reviews from this seller would highly recommend this.

  128. Eric

    I can FEEL the ENERGY inside the pyramid. My French Bulldog really likes chilling inside the pyramid lol. Great Product! I Highly Recommend

  129. Dave7680

    Pair up Great with my copper pyramid!

  130. Melissa

    Fast Shipping, Great Product. A+

  131. Vincent

    This is amazing. I purchased it for my gf only a week before and not only did it show up early, it came easily assembled with a complimentary wooden pedestal to hold her stones. Awesome! Thanks so much and here’s to universal appreciation!

  132. Guillermo

    The seller is very nice, we spoke about a few things and he answered me quickly. They pyramid itself is awesome, have already started meditating in it and it’s also EXTREMELY easy to put together, probably done in 5 minutes! Pleasure doing business with you sir!!

  133. Hadassah

    Great. I had an issue with the conformation due to family members either got sick or forgot that it had to be signed. He offered to mail it again I’d it was sent back. He called and had out reshipped. Thanks. I feel the difference, i meditate more often now.

  134. Valerie1017

    Purchase 3 pyramids (2 smaller, 1 large). Kept one for myself and gave others as gifts. Love it! And it was a very cool and much appreciated gift. Will be getting more. Very easy set up and take down for storage. Excellent communication from seller.

  135. Crimsonpriestess13

    It’s wonderful! The energy is great under it. So, so easy to store away and travel with. Can’t beat the price either.

  136. Lynn910333

    I like the size of the pyramid. It is perfect for me at 5’3. I could feel a lot of energy at my crown chakra while I was in it. My cats like it too. One of them slept in it yesterday while I was in it and he kept on sleeping in it after I got out. The packaging was great. It took some work to get it out of the tube so it was very well protected.

  137. Barbara

    Perfectly crafted with tangible intent for enlightenment, and with lots of care and love. Extraordinary protection was taken for a safe journey to my home. We set it up with ease, thanks to Benjamin’s clear instructions. Experiencing deep meditations surrounded by my beloved crystals, and our three cats like to sit under there with me, sensitive creatures that they are to good energy. Thank you, Benjamin, for this lifetime tool for raising one’s consciousness! Great communication from him during the making of the pyramid, too. Fully delighted!!

  138. Jana

    I love my meditation pyramid. I bought a large one so that I could lay down flat and be comfortable. Sitting up I could fit four adults! I’ve hung crystals from the peak and put others aound the perimeter. First time I tried it my nose and upper lip where buzzing. Easy to store and move about. Great product!!!

  139. Mikki

    I just received mine yesterday, and it was very easy to open. It is beautiful and even my two dogs love it. It is very light, so i will be taking it with me outdoors or when I travel overseas. I noticed right away that there is a time stamp when each copper tube was made and one of them was made at 11:11 :))) what a sign. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. Thank you, Benjamin, for your beautiful work. Blessings

  140. Mikki

    I love that it is portable. I just wish I was better able to sit under it, but I can lie down under it so I am so grateful as it assists my heart chakra. I will recommend this vendor. I am so happy with it. Thank You!!!!

  141. Joycoombs

    Before purchasing the Giza-based 42in. apex portable pyramid, I had a few dialogues with the seller. He always replied quickly & was very kind & helpful.He designed the structure & mailed it promptly. This pyramid is spacious when set up, yet can easily be folded & put away, when not in use. The pyramid puts out an incredible amount of energy! I’m very happy with my purchase & the whole buying experience! I LOVE this pyramid!!!.

  142. Deedra

    I love this beautiful copper pyramid (38). I love it because it’s good looking, well-constructed, portable (yay!) and love that you made it by hand~~super creative. I feel definitely a good, clear ‘vibe’ and helps with my intentions. Sometimes I just sit and meditate inside and other times, I play a crystal bowl or invite others to lie down for a healing session. Also, It was as described, delivered on time and well packaged!

  143. Tracy

    I love this pyramid, I sit in it for an hour a day, and this week at work, I wasn’t feeling as sore and tired as I usually have been, I attribute this to the pyramid. Love It

  144. George

    I love it this pyramid already my sleep has been peaceful and wonderful. I’ve added crystals for different effects. The design is beautiful and all three of my dogs love being inside of the pyramid with me. Great job. Thank you

  145. Linda

    This copper pyramid was shipped as described. It was easy to assemble and start using right away. The energy that comes from this pyramid is amazing. Thanks!

  146. Ginger

    Just got my pyramid up , it was so easy, thank you, i know that I will love it!!!

  147. Annie

    Awesome construction and ease of use + portability. Benjamin is a class act. Great to communicate with. Prompt, helpful, friendly. Thank you very much.

  148. Kristopher

    Absolutely fabulous pyramid. I’m thinking of pyramiding everything, ha ha. I absolutely love the tube packaging. I can put it back and set it aside, or carry with anywhere. It will ALWAYS be safe. I’m so glad I found you. Namaste.

  149. Brown

    I love everything about this! It is a wonderful way to get in touch with the subtle energies that flow around you. Great for charging crystals, cleansing your mind/body/soul, excellent for sleeping! I highly recommend it, it shipped right on time! Thank you again Benjamin

  150. Lindalaelm

    I’m very pleased with my purchase. Item arrived shipped securely and I opened the package as per detailed instructions. I had the pyramid out from the tube in less than a minute and it only took another minute to set it up. I used it for meditation soon afterward and was very pleased by the enhanced flow of energy the pyramid evoked. I smudged the area with sage and set my crystals within the area and all was well. My pets (cats and a dog) all took turns sitting or lying beneath it and they seemed to enjoy it also. I highly recommend this product.

  151. Desy

    This is a cleverly designed pyramid. Part of the great design is the case (tube) it comes with. There’s nothing to put together; you just unfold it and it’s ready to use. When you first receive the tube, the only problem you may have is getting one of the endcaps off to get the pyramid out. Just tap on the edge of the cap with a small hammer to loosen it up and it should come right out. Since I started using the pyramid, I have begun to remember my dreams on a consistent basis for the first time. It’s fun to experiment with!

  152. Pagination

    I can’t wait to try it! Will probably edit this review when I know more.

  153. Superflygirl

    Perfect. Great service, communication, quality, packaging. I am going to order one more pyramid for my second house.

  154. Paul

    So happy with my pyramid! Exactly as expected, great construction and super-fast shipping. Thank you so much!!

  155. Luna

    The few weeks of wait was well worth it. This is a quality product that is easy to assemble. Carefully follow Benjamin’s instructions for opening the shipment so you don’t accidentally damage or cut the wires; removing the tape is the hardest part. Inside the pyramid I almost immediately felt its energy. In having tried various healing modalities over the years – like a Magnetic Bracelet, Q-Link, Bioelectric Shield, and Takionic Beads – I have to state that I find Pyramid Energy, which is a form of focused electromagnetic energy (as opposed to Chi/Ki/Prana which actually comes from Spirit), is more nurturing and beneficial than any other physical healing modality! All who are mystically inclined or simply want to improve their well-being should invest in one of Benjamin’s Meditation Pyramids! Namaste

  156. Ninjawol

    Absolutely LOVE this Pyramid! Benjamin makes a beautiful high-quality product worth any wait! I opened this up with the help of my Hubby & 2 friends. It is packaged very well & I will store it in its packaging. The energy is amazing. I sat in it and did not want to get out. You probably could fit 2 people in it at once. lol My friends both healers and intuitives were blown away by the energy of it. I love that fact that it is portable & you can put it up & take it down & even take it with you if you choose too. I cannot recommend enough this pyramid for any Reiki master healer etc. It is amazing. Benjamin’s communication was awesome he kept me aware of the progress and shipping time. I am so pleased!!! Benjamin please make smaller table top ones too & I will be your first customer!! Thanks!

  157. Anonymous

    I am very happy with the pyramid! it was made and shipped very thoughtfully, and arrived full of positive energy. I totally enjoy meditating in it. I have a long torso, so I chose the larger model so my head wouldn’t bump against the top, glad I did that! I was so excited when it arrived, and have left it up in a quiet room, and it seems to charge the room with all kinds of great energy. But I love that I can easily collapse it, and either lean it in the corner, or store it in the sturdy shipping tube it arrived in. I would totally recommend this to anyone!

  158. Anonymous

    I am thrilled to have my pyramid, super easy to unpack and set up.

  159. Anonymous

    The product was delivery in a timely manner and cuts and drills were neat and clean.

  160. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for such a great pyramid! I love it! What an amazing invention!! Blessings! <3

  161. Anonymous

    I am very happy with the copper pyramid that I purchased for healing and meditation purposes. I had seen other pyramids on the web before but they were too big, heavy and expensive. This one is perfect since it is foldable and ships in a tube container. You can easily move it around the house. Benjamin has crafted a simple and functional pyramid that works well. He took special care in letting me know the best way to open the package (with a hammer) since it was so tight. He even constructed a tab to pull the pyramid out of the tube container. So thoughtful of him. I recommend his product highly!

  162. Anonymous

    Received the pyramid today and everything is just as you described of course; unpacking made easy with your instructions. Just sat inside for a few minutes with a very large green apophyllite and now feel extremely relaxed. Looking forward to a longer session. You’re brilliant Benjamin! Thank you very much!

  163. Anonymous

    the instructions on how to open LIFESAVER. I love the energy it had coming out of the tube. Currently charging it- hoping to do a session in the next 48 hours.

  164. Anonymous

    Fantastic copper pyramid! Well-built and arrived promptly! I highly recommend this seller! A+++++++

  165. Anonymous

    I am now the delighted owner of a Benjamin Dean portable meditation pyramid. Thank you, Benjamin! For those considering buying, this item was shipped and arrived in a timely fashion and is exactly as described. It’s simple, practical design means I can take it with me and use it anywhere, anytime and even to share it with others. As we say in Canada..’Beauty’!

  166. Anonymous

    Thanks so much Benjamin. The pyramid arrived quickly (about 2 1/2 weeks, coming to Canada). I appreciated the heads up about how to open the tube – you were right, it was on tight! Slept in it last night – had some powerful dreaming, and new clarity re a new business venture. Will be using it to travel – have pyramid, will travel. thanks again for a terrific product, and great service. Blessings.

  167. Anonymous

    Thank you! I appreciate your work. Fast shipment. I recommend getting a tesla coil generator, to you and anyone else that has a copper pyramid. It works along with the copper pyramid, other metals, and SUPERCHARGES the body’s cells and is a safe way to play with lighting.

  168. Anonymous

    Fantastic!!! Made w/ love and care. Sturdy case. Great deal with fast shipping! I set it up under a minute. Many thx for both of them! A+ A+