Company Policies

Policies: Returns

Products purchased from Inner Fire Pyramids are not returnable.

Policies: Cancellations

Order cancellations are acceptable if notification of the intent to cancel occurs within the four-day period following date of purchase. Please notify us and we will initiate the order cancellation/refund process. There is no cancellation fee. Refunds for cancelled orders will be processed in accordance with the time frame specified by the card issuer’s policies.

Policies: Shipping Policy/Calendar

USPS Domestic, UPS Everywhere Else:

  • Time frame: Pyramids are built to order. Items ship 2 weeks from purchase. Arrival time in U.S. (build time plus transit time) is, on average, 17 days. Exceptions are made for gifts (in a given week, depending on workload). We try and give ourselves weekends off, so packages do not generally ship on Saturday. Orders placed over a weekend ship on Monday.
    In addition, we take a break between December 22nd and January 1st each year to spend time with family for the holidays. As a consequence, all shipping that would occur during this time is pushed forward to January 2nd.
  • Priority Mail / Ground Advantage: Please note that Priority Mail or Ground Advantage is NOT a way of choosing to pay more for a Copper Pyramid to arrive sooner as these methods are the only option for packages of this size (see estimated delivery times under "Timeframe" (above)). Add-On Items ordinarily ship separately (USPS First Class Mail) in the same two-week time frame unless workload permits (in which case we will ship Add-On Items sooner).
  • Signature Confirmation: Provides protection for seller and buyer as proof of delivery. Anyone not present at time of delivery can sign at Post Office. Important: We trust USPS/UPS to deliver to the correct address and base our entire business on signature-confirmation. We will not ship out a replacement for a package that was signed for (and a claim to have not received it). It is your responsibility as a consumer to choose an address that you feel is secure if you intend to place online orders.
  • Customs Charges (Outside US): Customers outside the U.S. are responsible for all customs-related fees. Please do the necessary research on customs fees in your country in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Policies: Privacy

Those who contact Inner Fire Pyramids via this website do so at their own discretion, providing requested personal details at their own risk. Personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use. Every effort has been made to ensure a safe and secure form-to-email submission process, however users who use such form-to-email processes do so at their own risk. Information submitted to Inner Fire Pyramids is used only to provide further information about products, manage fulfillment concerns, address questions or queries submitted, and to communicate sale events. Details are not passed on to any third parties.

Policies: Right to Refuse Service

We have zero tolerance for 1) excessive negativity, 2) a prevailing lack of cooperation, 3) aggressive language, etc. If we feel like a customer’s behavior falls in this territory, we will not hesitate to cancel that customer’s order and issue a refund.