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Copper has been the standard from the start of personal pyramids.

Metal Pyramid. Best Material for Meditation Pyramid Metal Pyramid. Best Material for Meditation Pyramid

Recently, metal in pyramids has been called into question. The questioning is largely due to the books and films released by David Wilcock, popular author and Gaia television personality. He suggests that metal in pyramids is somehow disruptive, incompatible and perhaps detrimental. These ideas have created doubt for that part of the population that responds to his work. Individuals who might otherwise benefit from their use. And, due to the power of television, attempts to alleviate this concern often falls on deaf ears. I appeal here to those who follow his work and yet are open to fact and common sense.

Metal Pyramid

Copper is natural. It is organic. Copper is a mineral from the earth. In fact, you can find it in the image above. It is abbreviated as Cu in the periodic table of elements. It is in our bodies. In fact, it is in our blood. It is needed for internal bodily processes. For a full comparison with what are considered viable alternatives, please read our article on copper pyramid energy. In short, there are wood and plastic. Most plastic is carcinogenic. Wood is better than plastic, but the energy is inconsistent and fluid. Emotional values are inherent in the plant kingdom due to their energetic flow (e.g. Bach Flower Essences, Herbal Healing).

Copper is the material of choice for our company as well as with our colleagues and competitors in the meditation pyramid building business. This was true back when meditation pyramids first began to emerge around the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. If something better comes along, the meditation pyramid building community will be the first to embrace it.

Metal Pyramid Sensitivity

Deepening one’s awareness of self is, more than anything, about developing and managing a heightened sensitivity. Those of us who find ourselves on this path deal regularly with cultivating positive, healthy energy. The point here is that if there were anything even remotely negative or harmful about copper pyramid energy, we would be aware of it. If copper were so detrimental, these sensitive beings would be fully aware of it. We’re talking about individuals who are highly cognizant of subtle energy, with the ability to sense negative thought forms from a hundred paces.

The fact is, these pyramids help block negative energy. Many who work with them are grateful to have a tool that helps them manage subtle, pervasive energy. Unbalanced, destructive subtle energy that is rarely acknowledged, ignored by the harsh and ordinarily overwhelming to the sensitive among us. Over time, with the proper tools together with further inner work, the ability to manage these energies independent of these tools grows. In the meantime, tools like meditation pyramids have tremendous value.

We simply wish to point out that the information Mr. Wilcock is advancing regarding metal as a material for pyramids fails to resonate with ours (as well as the majority in the pyramid building community). In our view, there is enough doubt surrounding the value of these pyramids without this newly developed concern.

For more on how copper is ideal for meditation pyramids, consider reading this article on copper pyramid effects.

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