Copper Pyramid Energy

Copper Pyramid Energy Copper Pipe Pyramid

Copper Pyramid Energy (the value of copper as a material). Copper is the best choice for meditation pyramids. There are good reasons it remains the material of choice among those in the pyramid-building community and in copper pyramid DIY circles.

Copper pipe pyramids outshine the other obvious options available to those who wish to design and build meditation pyramids.

Copper Pipe Pyramid

There are geometric laws that govern what can be called a pyramid. These are a given. Beyond this, there are several choices to make. Two of these choices will have a noticeable impact on a pyramid’s effectiveness and the quality of its energy. These choices involve pyramid slope and materials. All that will then need to be decided is size. Size will dictate the range of postures, positions or activities possible in and under it.

SLOPE, once again, is the angles of a pyramid’s sides. Though we might consider any slope, two have been isolated (GIZA and NUBIAN) that exhibit noticeable pyramidal shape healing energy due to their critical angles. We have associated the Giza and Nubian angles with the heart and throat chakras, respectively. Read more on our science of slope and frequency theory in this article on copper pyramid healing.

MATERIALS must be selected. For materials, there are countless options, narrowed down by what is practical. What, we must ask, can realistically be built into a pyramid frame? Wood is a natural choice that comes to mind as it can be cut to fit. plastic, too, because it can be molded to shape. Copper is also made possible because the plumbing industry conveniently fashions it into pipes.

Copper Pipe Pyramid

WOOD allows for incredible detail work and precision along corners and such. I have seen some beautiful wooden pyramids. If you are looking for a work of art, wood is perfect. It has the integrity of being natural. Wood is not conductive, and this is noticeable when the unconscious attempts to latch on or project and fill the pyramid with life energy. In addition, wood is of the plant world. There is a movement within it that is more fluid and so less stable (e.g. herbs). The herbal approach to healing is about movement, not holding a stable pattern.

PLASTIC can also be molded, if one were to spend the necessary time, energy and money to mold it to an exact pyramid. This is possible. You can make almost anything out of plastic. It lacks integrity, however. Plastic is not organic. It is inorganic and carries none of the original binding patterns inherent in nature. It is as dead a material as can be imagined, and most plastic is carcinogenic. Here is the World Health Organization’s note on PVC:

"From both an environmental and health standpoint, PVC is the most toxic plastic, as vinyl chloride, the chemical used to make PVC, is a known human carcinogen"   —W.H.O. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

Copper Pyramid Energy

COPPER is a mineral. A naturally-occurring mineral seems like a strong choice. The mineral kingdom also gives us gemstones and crystals, some exhibiting perfect pyramid shapes. Minerals express a very stable pattern.

Crystals and gemstones can be powerful healers. Copper is in our bodies. It is in our blood. Copper helps make melanin, bone, and connective tissue. It also helps with many other processes in our bodies. It is dug from the earth. Copper is the ideal material which makes it understandable how Copper Pyramid Energy are so significant. Copper pipe pyramids have been the standard since the beginning of pyramid frames.

Again, life is electromagnetic. Consciousness has an easy time latching onto a pyramid built from a material with conductive properties. Is there any question that copper is the best choice? Still, there are those who have expressed doubt in using metal in pyramids. That it is somehow disruptive, even harmful. These ideas are inconsistent with our experience and we hold firm in our belief that copper is the first choice among meditation pyramid materials. You can read more about Copper Pyramid Energy and our theories of how consciousness latches on in our examination of how pyramids work to heal.

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