Copper Pyramid Frame

Element No. 29, Copper The White Oak

The copper pyramid frame (and the nature of its power) has nothing to do with “the channeling, carrying, conveying, or transmitting” of energy in any sort of loop or circuit. Instead, it has everything to do with tuning in and resonating with its overall shape.

We have heard concerns expressed, from time to time, over the ability of pyramids (assembly models in particular) to convey energy properly. The question has had to do with whether two sections of copper pipes properly meet and touch, or whether a wooden dowel (as a material) can sufficiently conduct energy. What is at the heart of this concern is a misunderstanding of how a copper pyramid expresses its “power”. I put the word power in quotes because a pyramid’s power does not express in a void. It needs the presence of a responsive being ("responsive being" includes all organic life).

Pyramids are Compelling

The power in a copper pyramid does not rely on a current (electrical or otherwise) moving in, through or along its bits and pieces. What a copper pyramid does is hold a special and dynamic shape, the value of which comes from its overall structure and form. We only need to consider the wire at the base (insulated, covered in plastic, making no contact with the pipes) to see that conductivity is not at work. Copper need not meet copper. Copper need only be close to copper for a copper pyramid frame to remain utterly identifiable energetically. Does it matter that it’s copper? Yes, because copper can be tuned into on an electromagnetic level (perhaps for the same reason it’s a good conductor). However, we are not transferring energy from one place to another. Instead, we tune in to the whole of its shape and sympathetically resonate.

Life-Encouraging Energy

There is a reason pyramids are so compelling (whether great stone structures or copper frames). We engage with pyramids immediately (in an instant). It is the act of recognizing something profound and true— a witnessing of a beautiful and organically arrived-at math in all its glory. We do not wait around to see what might be conducted. We simply see it and know it (in the whole of our beings). It is a life-encouraging energy active in the golden ratio that we sense and feel. It is a full-body sensing. The pyramids are resonating a special relationship between possibility and actuality. This same ratio is the way nature discovered how to build so many life-forms— a structurally-sound, perpetual, organic, building block whose shape lives in our cellular structure NOW. Have a look below at the image of the golden ratio for how it can endlessly expand. The pyramid is a celebration of this endless potential and our bodies both celebrate it and align when we are in its presence.

The Golden Ratio

Simple and True

In our copper replicas, pipes and wire maintain the pyramid shape while our psyche responds and is urged to recover the same level of integrity that every cell in our body knows as the truth of what works. It is not a conscious process. It is a tuning in. For this tuning in to be successful the frame must be simple. Some of our competitors build elaborate copper-plated capstone tops. These add significant metal to the top of the pyramid. In terms of aesthetic, yes, they are nice, but it causes the overall pyramid shape to feel top-heavy and out of balance. If we connected the pipes together in our assembly models with a metal dowel it would likewise create an imbalance. This is why we make the choice to use wood in our assembly and keep the form simple and true.

"The Great Truth is Simple" — Brown Landone

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