Copper Wires In Pyramids

Copper wires in pyramids? Yes, about ten years ago we designed this portable copper-pipe pyramid. My first concern (in the late 80’s) when imagining a portable version, was whether it would have the same impact energetically.

Copper Wires in Pyramids Copper Wires in Pyramids

The full copper pipe version was what I had been using all along. There was this assumption that the entire pyramid shape would need to be represented in copper pipes. And yet I remembered that my initial experiments with pyramids were with copper wire alone. It turns out that the collapsible model, with wire as its base, performs energetically as well as any full-frame model. It seems the power, active in copper pyramids and healing, is created by its sides. This all makes perfect sense when you consider the context.

The Desert Floor

Wires in Pyramids Wires in Pyramids

The fact that pyramids are square at the base and rise out of the earth (or the floor on which they have been set) gives way to a set of base lines that form a square. If you take four pipes, spaced evenly apart, and lean them in until they touch, baselines are suggested by where the four sides touch ground. You needn’t draw an actual line in the sand at the base of the Great Pyramid (see image below). The stones are there, and together stack up to form it. Likewise, you needn’t place copper pipes at the base of our four pipes. Placing them there will not make it more a pyramid.

Energy in Shape

So, why coated, copper electrical wire? It is durable, non-elastic, and flexible. It allows the pyramid to collapse and therefore be portable. However, when pulled taught, it does not stretch out or lose its shape. Time and time again, you can set up your portable pyramid and, because the length of wire has been measured properly, the legs together hold the proper slope. This slope, in turn, creates the correct pyramid healing angle. The fact that all sides are copper also supports our theory of how we unconsciously occupy pyramid space electromagnetically and holds this energy in a shape that consciousness recognizes as a safe space to live (in and through).

Conscious Home

Because it is all copper and takes a familiar shape that life energy (having disovered by exploring what works to perpetuate itself), we feel safe inside it. We extend our energy to fill it and reside well within the parameters of that extended energy. It becomes a sanctuary and place of healing. This is all in addition to emanating the shape as a tuning form for our internal structures. This subject is explored more deeply in our recent blog post that looks at how pyramids work to heal us.

Practical Energetic Haven

All our copper pipe pyramids are portable. They collapse by folding in the pyramid legs. No dedicated space for your pyramid is necessary. Instead, you simply pull it out when you need it and then put it away just as readily– in a closet, under the bed, or against a wall. In addition, portability allows you to take it with you hiking, to the beach, over to a friend’s place, or any number of places. With an all-in-one pyramid like this, there are no pieces to keep track of and no tedious assembly or disassembly. Your pyramid is always ready for sitting in meditation, or for whatever your practice or posture may be.

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