Pyramid With Dimensions

Pyramid with Dimensions Pyramid with Dimensions   Using rubber bands to illustrate the impact of specific pyramid slopes. Watch the video demonstration below showing energetic effects of pyramid shapes, showing various examples of a pyramid with dimensions. Regarding pyramid meditation dimensions, the fact is that pyramidal shapes are compelling. They draw us in. There is a reason for it that runs deep. Many of the benefits of pyramids at home have to do with how our body responds, independent of what might be going on in our minds. The pyramid healing energy is based on the geometric building blocks that work together to form the body. This is Mother Nature doing what she does best (i.e. holding things together).

Pyramid with Dimensions

To explore the way our body responds to pyramids, we put together an exercise. This is an easy exercise you can do with rubber bands, a firm piece of cardboard (or flat piece of wood), a stapler and a paper clip. Take two relatively long rubber bands and cut them both. Lay them across each other to form a square. You may want to mark off the square using a ruler, etc. The rubber bands should be stretched slightly when laying flat. Staple the corners. You may want to double the corners over and staple again to keep it secure. Slip the paper clip in the center where the rubber bands cross, and slowly pull upward. Notice when the subsequent shapes reach various obviously compelling shapes as you go. You will notice that your body responds subtly (or strongly, depending on the person) to the trigger points. You may notice that your energy centers (chakras) respond to the pyramids as you go, one by one. The lowest pyramid associated with the base chakra, and so on. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the center-most pyramid and aligns with the heart chakra. The shape of each side triangle is slightly elongated at the base. The delicate balance between impeccable triangular shapes and the grounding quality of having the base be slightly longer than the sides. The pyramid “wants” to be on the earth (in the body).