Pyramid Healing Energy

Copper pyramids and healing go hand in hand due to slope, frequency, and the resulting pyramid healing energy.

Meditation Pyramid Angles Pyramid Healing Energy

Is there a direct relationship between meditation pyramid angles and the seven chakras? I believe there is. I believe there is a science to it. Before we go much deeper into this, let’s revisit what makes a pyramid a pyramid. I continue to see shapes referred to as pyramids that are in fact tetrahedrons. Tetrahedrons are beautiful but they are not pyramids. A pyramid has five sides, four triangular in shape and one perfectly square base. A tetrahedron has four sides, all of which are triangular.

The Great Pyramid Hugs Mother Earth

Many believe the triangles that form the sides of the Great Pyramid are equilateral. They are not. This is an important distinction for our present argument. For each of the four triangles, the side that forms part of the base is a bit longer. This has to do with the 51.83 degree slope. It is this, I believe, that accounts for the strong sense of being grounded when meditating under the pyramid. It seems to lower the pyramid’s center of gravity. In essence, these pyramids are hugging the earth.

Pyramid Healing Energy

The horizontal line represents movement through space and over time. It is movement in linear motion. It is the achiever in us. In contrast, the vertical line represents depth of experience. In any given moment, along the horizontal line of time, we experience varying degrees of mindfulness. Our attention is, instead of being directed externally, is directed within. If we take the time to sit still in meditation, our preoccupation with what we might achieve fades away. It is at times like this that we can experience unfathomable depth. This is the difference between the horizontal and vertical approach to life. Each, of course, has it’s place.

Meditation Pyramid Angles

If we assign chakras to the horizontal and vertical approaches, the horizontal approach would coincide with the root (chakra one) while the vertical would coincide with the crown (chakra seven). Remember that the fourth (heart chakra) is the center-most chakra. It is the heart chakra we believe to be associated with the Great Pyramid. Note that the center chakra (middle way, middle path) strikes a balance between the two extremes. To draw a line that strikes this balance between the horizontal and vertical, we would be looking at 45 degrees (i.e. in the vicinity of 51.83). The Giza slope somewhat favors Mother Nature and earth, it’s home.

Copper Pyramids and Healing Energy

The heart, esoterically, is understandably more complicated than the other chakras. There are five recognized heart chakras. They form a cross. There is the “heroic” heart chakra, center. Other heart matters follow, with the “conscience” chakra, the “physical” chakra, the “unity” chakra and finally, the “Mother” chakra. One of the values of buying a portable copper pyramid is that there is some play with the wire base. You can pull the sides in and out to alter the degree slightly, activating and healing different parts of this complicated heart center.

Our response to pyramid energy is visceral and real. Take a moment to watch this video exploring a range of pyramid dimensions and slopes to witness its compelling nature, making use of copper pyramids and healing. However, just as we need to be in the forest to hear the trees fall, we need to be in the proximity of a pyramid to fully experience its power. We are able to relax, heal and align, drawn energetically to the vibration and frequency. We latch on, unconsciously. Our body somatically tunes in. Through these encounters, consciously or unconsciously we are challenged to deepen our self-expression and heighten our potential for love, union, communion and compassion.

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