Chrysoberyl Gemstone Capstone

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Chrysoberyl Gemstone Capstone

Chrysoberyl can help to transform negative thoughts into positive energy, increases self-confidence and self-worth. Chrysoberyl helps us to see both sides of a situation. It opens us up to compassion, generosity, and our forgiving nature. Chrysoberyl brings in the qualities of discipline and self-control. It promotes concentration and the ability to learn, enabling the wearer to think clearly. Chrysoberyl helps us to open the crown chakra and increases spiritual and personal power. Chrysoberyl promotes tolerance and harmony. Chrysoberyl is said to balance adrenaline.


 —Important Note:

Capstones and Pendants need a Capstone Plate! Unless you have your own plan for: 1) balancing a capstone on your copper pyramid; and/or 2) finding a way to hang your pendant inside your pyramid, then you need to purchase a Capstone Plate along with your Capstone or Pendant. The Capstone Plate was designed to both support Capstones and allow for the hanging of pendants inside the upper part of your pyramid.

Chrysoberyl Gemstone Capstone