Calligraphy Stone Capstone

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Calligraphy Stone Meaning (Pyramid Capstone)

Calligraphy Stone Healing Properties: The Calligraphy Stone can help us to remain optimistic in the midst of difficult times. It creates the opening for the fundamental joy inherent in the fact of existence and with this helps us to balance the stress and busyness of modern-day life. It looks as if someone has practiced calligraphy over the surface, but the markings are actually fossilized shells. The Calligraphy Stone is a good stone to bring along when traveling and encountering others that are outside the realm of ordinary routine. It helps us when making decisions and planning our future. It can also help us let go of the past while simultaneously retaining the lessons of that same past. The Calligraphy Stone is said to be great for our circulation and tissue.



Reg (.75-1 in), Lrg (1-1.25 in)

 —Important Note:

Capstones and Pendants need a Capstone Plate! Unless you have your own plan for: 1) balancing a capstone on your copper pyramid; and/or 2) finding a way to hang your pendant inside your pyramid, then you need to purchase a Capstone Plate along with your Capstone or Pendant. The Capstone Plate was designed to both support Capstones and allow for the hanging of pendants inside the upper part of your pyramid.

Calligraphy Stone Capstone