56-Inch Apex Copper Nubian


Small Copper Nubian Pyramid for Sale. For seated meditation on the floor. No assembly necessary. Sets up in seconds.

Small Nubian Details

Our Nubian pyramids are modeled after the Pyramids of Meroe in Nubia (present day Sudan). Nubian pyramids, like Giza pyramids, celebrate Phi (the golden ratio), though Nubian’s have a much sharper pyramid slope angle. The energy of the Nubian vibrates at a higher frequency than the Giza, though they share a mathematical connection to the golden ratio. Like all our pyramids, the Nubian 56 is portable (collapsible). This pyramid is built out of half-inch, 5-foot copper pipes with coated, copper electrical wire as its base. When set up, the top stands about 56 inches above the floor, while the base measures about 36 inches on each side. No assembly needed. Ready to go. Copper Nubian pyramid, works for seated meditation, whether on the floor or in a low chair. Sets up in seconds and stow away just as readily when not in use. Built to order. Ships in two weeks. Includes rubber end caps to protect floors. Need more space? Consider the Nubian 64 or Nubian 86, or taking our walk-thru to help you choose which pyramid to will work best for your needs. Need help with size? Find a pyramid size that fits you.


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 3 × 3 in


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