Copper Pyramid Choices

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Gizas  |  Nubians

Choosing a copper pyramid often begins with the question of slope. Slope is the angle at which the sides of a pyramid ascend toward its peak. Slope is arrived at mathematically and defines the energy of a copper pyramid. We offer two slopes, Giza and Nubian. The Giza is modeled after the Great Pyramid of Giza, while the Nubian is modeled after the Nubian Pyramids of Meroë.

The choice between Giza and Nubian might be determined by what type of energy one wishes to work with. Learning more about the energetic differences between Giza and Nubian pyramids can help us determine which of these slopes will work best to support meditation, healing, etc.

Copper Pyramid Slopes

Giza and Nubian slopes express key vibrational patterns, both acting much like a tuning fork for our bodies. We might choose between these two slopes intuitively (i.e. by which is most compelling), or we might take a more thoughtful approach, given what we sense that we need developmentally. To get a clear idea of what is needed, we might take a look at the human chakra system.

Giza, the more popular choice in slope, is associated with the heart chakra. As the heart chakra is the center-most of the seven main chakras, it is considered a master healer. Working through the master healer allows us to work on all chakras. The Giza is particularly useful for those seeking more grounding.

The Nubian is associated more with the throat chakra (and above) and can help us focus on issues such as personal empowerment and direction. In either case, gemstones associated with any of the seven chakras can be added (as capstones or within a pyramid) to more specifically focus energy. As both slopes are rooted in the generative and perpetual ratio of Phi, either pyramid will encourage greater integrity of body, mind and spirit.

Pyramid Size, Expected Activity

Pyramid Size, Expected Activity

Size, Activity

How much floor space do your have? Will you be sitting? Do you use pillows? What position or posture? What activity exactly? Do you lie down, sit, or stand? We can help you choose a pyramid size that fits your space and needs.