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Recommendations regarding copper pyramids for home use.

Pyramids for Home Use Use of Pyramid for Home Use

By taking proper care of your pyramid, it can last for years. The best way to care for the pyramid is to be gentle when setting it up and putting it away. With its portable design, and the use of a key ring to hold the pipes together, it is of primary importance to never force the pipes in any direction if you experience resistance. As built, it will easily accommodate normal positioning without undo force. Forcing it could exert a torque on the ring and bend it out of shape, which could irreversibly damage the pyramid.

Use of Pyramid for Home

caring for your pyramid

You can remove the manufacturer’s lettering from the pipes with steel wool. Also, expect the copper pipes to oxidize over time. This is natural to copper. The pipes will darken in color and exhibit a distinct metallic smell. Polishes are available at hardware stores for those who wish to remove this oxidation.

Rubber end caps have been provided on the bottom of each pyramid leg to protect hardwood floors. Bare copper pipe, pulled or re-positioned on a hardwood floor, will scratch it leaving marks. Though the rubber caps fit fairly well, they can occasionally fall off. Simply reattach them. A build-up of oxidation between the rubber caps and the copper pipe is also to be expected. Replacement caps are available in our shop.

If hardwood floors are not a concern, or you intend to use of pyramid for home primarily outdoors, you may choose to remove the rubber end caps and replace them with copper caps instead. Copper caps, not so easily removed, will help to keep out dirt or sand. Copper caps are also available in our shop.

Avoid allowing electrical devices, whether plugged into a wall socket or battery-operated, inside the pyramid. Electrical devices and wires that deliver electrical current can diffuse/disrupt what is otherwise positively-charged energy. For best results, electrical devices and wires should be kept several feet away from all sides, regardless of whether their negative influence is apparent.

As we use copper wires in pyramids (coated copper wire), the coating can, over time, wear out and will rarely break. We offer replacement wire that you can re-wire yourself and we do provide instructions.

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