Meditation Pyramid Position

Pyramid positioning refers to a it’s orientation in relation to the cardinal points of the compass.

Meditation Pyramid Position Meditation Pyramid Position

Within the meditation pyramid community, there are differences of opinion regarding how to orient (or position) a copper pyramid. Many insist that a copper pyramid should be set up to align north, south, etc. This is not something that I’ve felt compelled to spend much time on. If you are interested in finding out more on why one might do this, you can start searching online and the material available is extensive– even overwhelming. Search terms might include: Earth Grid, Energy Grid, or Lei Lines.

Ley lines are lines along which lie ancient monuments and megaliths, aligned by some organizing principle that is magnetic or spiritual or both. The existence of ley lines was initially suggested in 1921 by Alfred Watkins. That the earth has magnetic fields and energy patterns are not in dispute– only their relevance to personal meditation pyramids.

Meditation Pyramid Position (Grids)

The subject of positioning and grids can quickly spiral into multiple related subjects that involve the earth and its energy patterns, including ley lines (as mentioned above), astrocartography (the influence of other planets on areas of the earth), rotating sphere dynamics mathematical aspects of natural dynamos(scientific experiments with rotating spherical fluid shells to show the generation of magnetic fields in planets), and more. The latter goes into explaining, scientifically, why vortexes and magnetic phenomena consistently appear at similar latitudinal lines on most planets (e.g. the eye of Jupiter). In short, there is plenty to study here.

Some insist that the reason the pyramids of the world preserved mummies so well is because they line up with this important magnetic grid. All the greatest pyramids in the world are said to be aligned to true north. This includes pyramids in Egypt, South America and Bosnia. The extended argument is that we should then be sure to align our copper pyramids in the same way. I understand the excitement about becoming a more conscious part of this energy matrix. What I question is its effectiveness with meditation pyramids. There is a significant difference between enormous earthen or stone structures and small copper pyramid frames, especially when it comes to absorbing, connecting to, or responding to these lines of energy.

No Difference Due to Position

Perhaps a meditation pyramid, positioned in alignment with these cardinal points, will indeed draw power from this grid. But, what is our goal? Is it for power or clarity? And if it IS for power, is it not for the power to separate ourselves from the ceaseless storm of energy to find that same clarity? Are we looking for some core truth of self or are we just looking for another storm? Yes, we learn about ourselves when faced with adversity. Life offers that to us all day long. Our means to deep meditation is through the practice of stillness. A copper pyramid offers this through isolating us from rampant energy. We needn’t rotate it this way or that to more fully participate in a larger force, or travel with it to some significant planetary line.

These copper pyramids are largely energized by our own presence within them. They then act as tuning fork and sanctuary. I have meditated in copper pyramids for over thirty years. I have never felt the energy shift or grow stronger in relation to how I positioned a pyramid. Still, just because it is not significant for me, does not mean it would not make a difference for others. We are very diverse creatures. If you are moved to do so, please try it and find out for yourself. You can use the GPS on your phone to find true north and point your pyramid accordingly.

Pyramid Position, Galactic Affinity

Along with diversity, comes differences in affinity. Some of us have more of an affinity or attachment to planet earth, while others feel it to be part of a vast material plane. These others feel more in tune with the galaxy or the vast realm of all that is. What this all means is the subject of another article. However, these differences in affinity would be sufficient reason for some to wish to connect to the earth’s grid. For those who identify with all-that-is, material existence may be felt to be energy patterns only. Patterns that collapse into a single center that might be regarded as the cosmic heart. And nature, following this perspective (in all her beauty and tangibility), would be more a process-oriented projection from a timeless, formless center.

Meditation Pyramid Position (Sleep)

There very well may be something to aligning with cardinal compass points. In addition to aligning to energize a pyramid, there are those who believe that orientation in relation to north and south, etc., is important to consider when sleeping (with or without a pyramid). The argument here is that the earth’s magnetic fields are such that north equals positive and south equals negative. The human body’s magnetic field is head-positive, feet-negative. It is recommended that we do not sleep with our head facing north.

The reason for this is because the magnetic field of our body and that of the earth would be out of harmony. This can apparently result in disturbed blood circulation. This disturbed blood circulation can cause restless sleep. It is suggested that we instead lay our heads in the southern (or eastern) direction during sleep. This will leave us feeling energized. Incidentally, for those interested in bringing a bed or mattress under their pyramid, consider this page that outlines size choices when it comes to copper pyramids over beds.