Problems Angle Measuring Apps

Two customers in the last several months have reported that the angles of their pyramid were considerably different from what was promised in the product description (i.e. Giza and/or Nubian pyramids). In both cases, the reported angles were arrived at through the use of an angle measuring app. It was immediately clear that 1) either the app was giving an incorrect reading, or 2) the method used when measuring fell short, for the angles reported were considerably different from the angles we make every effort to duplicate. It would be understandable if these reported angles were in reasonable proximity (within a degree, or two degrees). However, the differences reported were more than ten degrees off. Given the care we take, these readings taken using these types of devices could not be correct.

In the second instance, it required us sending images of a photo of the same copper pyramid super-imposed over a photo of an actual Nubian to show clearly that we were clearly within a small margin or error. Keep in mind that this is something we take very seriously as it is important for the specifics of the energy. The reason for this brief article is to help those who may have done the same (or wish to do the same) with a similar app, to understand that these angle measuring apps either do not work, or the way the measurements are taken require re-thinking.