Large Nubian Copper Pyramid, 86-Inch Apex

Large Nubian Pyramid, 86-Inch Apex

86-Inch Apex Nubian

This Large Nubian Pyramid works well for meditation or healing while sitting on the floor, with pillows, in a chair, or standing. Assembly. Sets up in seconds.

Our Nubian pyramids are built in accord with the golden ratio and the Pyramids of Meroe in Nubia (present day Sudan). A sharper slope, Nubian pyramids vibrate at a higher frequency than the Giza style, though they share a mathematical connection to Phi (the golden ratio).

This portable (collapsible) copper meditation pyramid is built from half-inch copper pipes, with coated, copper electrical wire for its base. When set up, the top stands about 86 inches above the floor, while the base measures about 5 feet on each side. Includes rubber end caps. The Nubian 86 allows for sitting on the floor (with plenty of room for pillows), sitting in a standard-size chair, and even standing meditation.

Oak-Dowel Assembly: For customers in the U.S. and Canada, top and bottom segments are joined with four dowels. For overseas customers, there's top, middle and bottom segments (eight dowels). Our copper pyramid assembly kit is simple, straightforward, and takes a few minutes.

  • Virtual Apex:  ≅ 87.6 in.
  • Base:  Allow 5 ft. sq.
  • Portable:  Collapses.
  • Slope:  Nubian Slope
  • Model (by destination):
    Inside U.S. (2-part assembly)
    Outside U.S. (3-part assembly)
    (see "Models" tab)
  • Price:  $210.00 USD
  • SKUs:  NUB86, NUB86_OS

Use the pop-up menu above to choose a model. Models are by destination [i.e. U.S (non-assembly)]. Shipping carriers place restrictions on package length. Four of our pyramids (38, 46, 56, and 64) fall short of these USPS length restrictions and can ship whole inside the U.S. and Canada.

However, any pyramid shipping overseas must ship air freight which further restricts package length. The non-assembly models (listed above) must instead ship as two-part assembly models. In addition, the larger assembly models (61, 86, and 71) ship as three-part assembly models (instead of the standard two-part models). Two of our pyramids (42 and 50) remain the same assembly model regardless of where they ship.

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Inner Fire Pyramid Customers (Worldwide) Inner Fire Pyramid Customers (U.S.)

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Inner Fire Pyramid Customers (Worldwide) Inner Fire Pyramid Customers (U.S.)

Customers (Worldwide, U.S.)

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Inner Fire Pyramid Customers (Worldwide) Inner Fire Pyramid Customers (U.S.)

Our Customers (Worldwide, U.S.)