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Mindfulness Pyramid (Nubian 86))

Large Nubian Pyramid for sale. Works well for mindful meditation, healing, etc., while sitting, with pillows, in a chair, or standing.

Large Nubian Pyramid Details

Our Nubian pyramids are built in accord with the golden ratio and the Pyramids of Meroe in Nubia (present day Sudan). A sharper pyramid slope angle, Nubian pyramids vibrate at a higher frequency than the Giza style, though they share a mathematical connection to Phi (the golden ratio).

This portable (collapsible) copper meditation pyramid is built from half-inch copper pipes, with coated, copper electrical wire for its base. When set up, the top stands about 86 inches above the floor, while the base measures about 5 feet on each side. Includes rubber end caps. The Nubian 86 allows for sitting on the floor (with plenty of room for pillows), sitting in a standard-size chair, and even standing meditation.

The Nubian 86 ships as a copper pyramid kit for assembly. It assembles easily from two parts (upper and lower parts) with oak dowels. The assembly kit is simple, straightforward, and only takes a few minutes.

Large Nubian Pyramid Specs
  • Virtual Apex:  ≅ 87.6 in.
  • Base:  Allow 5 ft. sq.
  • Portable:  Collapses.
  • Slope:  Nubian Slope
  • Model: Two-Part Assembly
  • Price:  $210.00 USD
  • SKU:  NUB86

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