How Pyramids Heal

How Pyramids Heal

How Pyramids Heal

Those interested in meditation, are likely drawn to it for one of three reasons:

  • Relaxation.
  • Health.
  • Peace.

These are essentially layers, and one leads to the other. The key in all of these is to turn our attention inward and, as a consequence, recover a bodily integrity and balance (allowing our body of energy to find its natural expression). Copper pyramids are by nature catalysts for integrity. Pyramidal structures in the body, including the brain stem itself, respond to this perfect form in a way similar to a tuning fork. Much depends on our willingness to participate and allow ourselves to be tuned, and so we deepen our awareness and grow more mindful of our energy and how it moves and expresses (life processes). Becoming familiar with the core principles involved can help us in this journey. The intention of this 14-part series is to introduce those principles and explore the part they play in nature in various kingdoms and species, including our own. My hope is to in some way help those working with copper pyramids to more successfully navigate the self-healing process and all that it might entail.

Why Understand the Process?

It remains my firm belief that through our understanding of the healing process, we make that process more effective. It is one thing to lie down with a crystal on your forehead. It is quite another to do so with an appreciation for what is taking place. Copper pyramids are incredible tools for self-development and healing. However, these pyramids can only do so much. It is up to us to do the rest. In short, understanding the principles at work in the healing process helps immensely.

In the first section of this article, we cover the principles (wholeness, possiblity, etc.) behind the fundamentals of body, mind and spirit. Understanding and fully grasping the principles at work behind our energetic experience is essential if we are to arrive at a clarity of how both naturally-occurring and human-built structures can bring about healing and self-development.

In the second section, we explore living structures and how they function as healers. In section three, we delve deeper into the healing process itself, including an exploration of how the healing process is active in the world around us circumstantially, whether we recognize it as such or not. We will look at what it means to participate consciously in this process without corrupting it with our own presumptions. Finally, we look at how best to deal with patterns of behavior that have been distorted by fear, and work to overcome those fears that we might recover a more authentic and healthier way of life.

It is my intention to strike at and pierce through more than a few outdated modes of thinking, regarding the subjects of consciousness, source, nature, and so on. As a result, my writing may come off as annoyingly repetitive and, to readers who are familiar with these ideas, much of it may seem painfully obvious. Thank you for your understanding on both counts.

Before we begin, it is important, as always, to issue a disclaimer: Life is a great mystery. It is essential to our health that it remain one (i.e. nature/source knows what it is doing, so allow it). This article is only meant to scratch at the surface and propose a few ideas that might, in turn, trigger a deeper clarity. Finally, as we all remain responsible for our own health care, know that the material presented here must, under no circumstances, be considered a viable substitute for proper medical diagnosis and care.

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