Pyramid Capstones

Mexican Pyramid with No Apex

Stepped pyramid in Chichen Itza in the Mexican state of Yucatan, Mexico

Pyramids and "the Point"

In exploring our options when considering capstones for copper pyramids, it is important to have some perspective. Most important in this perspective is to understand that pyramid power is generated from a pyramid’s angled sides. It has nothing to do with whether the pyramid comes to a point. A good comparison are patterns of growth evident in crystals. Just like with crystals, it is the prevailing shape that generates Energy. It is not whether the crystal comes to a point. So, as pleasing as a capstone might be, it is not needed to produce pyramid healing energy. The energy comes from the overall pyramidal shape. All pyramids, due to their structure, express what we might call a ceaseless energetic directive associated with its particular slope.

Above is a picture of a stepped pyramid in Chichen Itza in the Mexican state of Yucatan, Mexico. It has no capstone (or top, for that matter), yet it is a powerful pyramid. No capstone necessary. Once again, it is the sides of the pyramid that produce the energy, not the point (or whether or not their is a base, for that matter). It would be convenient to have copper pipe pyramids come to a natural, precise point. However, they obviously do not.

Capstone Solutions

Many of the more permanent copper pipe models offered online show copper material bent or welded to form a point at the apex. Underneath this pretty picture, however, there is a good deal of additional copper in the form of couplings welded to copper panels. If this were our only option, we are better going without. It is aesthetically pleasing, but the excess material at the apex, creates an energetic bottleneck. I speak from experience having meditated under such models.


Capstone Stones

In an effort to provide a more elegant and affordable solution regarding capstones for copper pyramids, we believe we have found something workable. Our goal is to strike a balance. The way we look at it, a good capstone needs to compliment the energy of the copper pyramid without bottle-necking the energy by adding unnecessary material. Out of this, we've developed what we call a Capstone Plate.

Capstones for Copper Pyramids Non-Slip Capstone Plate for Copper Pyramids

Our Capstone Plate is made of unfinished wood (oak). It is crafted to slide in and nestle in the top of the pyramid. It's simplicity prevents it from interfering with the pyramid's energy. It simply provides a flat plane on which crystals and gemstones can be placed, including small stone pyramids that energetically completes the pyramid structure. There is the Standard or Non-Slip Pyramid Capstone Plate. To the Non-Slip version we've added a small layer of rubber to help keep gemstone pyramids from sliding off quite as easily.

Capstones for Copper Pyramids Copper Pyramid Capstone


Chakra Pendants

In addition to providing a flat surface, the capstone plate includes a small hole on its stem from which crystal pendants, or other single stones can be fashioned to hang. We offer several chakra pendants that are representative of the seven chakras, from root to crown (see images below).

Chakra Pendant for Copper Pipe Pyramids Chakra Pendants

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